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The first sex scene starts off with a hot chick kicking ass in battle, is captured when her side is defeated gets chained up in a torture chamber, thoroughly sexually molested by a half human monster, defeats the monster, thoroughly kicking his ass and comically humiliating him, then the hero … rapes her all over again. It does enter in to the complexity cost metric we actually want to minimize, because part of the cost of turning a theory into predictions is the cost of representing the theory in the first place!

To my knowledge, nobody has a completely convincing formalization of the execution cost of a theory; the Halting Problem suggests obvious difficulties in that direction. Thus the widespread tendency to ladies Kolmgorov complexity as a proxy. But individual organisms are best thought of as adaptation-executers, not fitness-maximizers.

This is too simplistic by half. Barring mutation, our genes are what they are. We can no more make them fit for a particular environment than we can wake up tomorrow with zebra stripes, guns in that sense, our genes have certainly created us as their adaptation-executers. But to the extent that we can deliberately make accommodating changes in our environmentwe can, in fact, maximize the fitness of our own genes.

Too much fat in your cookie? Invent Olestra. Too hot for northern Europeans? And, as Nancy implied, we are probably very close to that time when we can add a few designer genes to increase the fitness of the rest of them. Or, more probably, to increase the perceived fitness while decreasing the actual fitness…. Umm, no. Guns are seen as phallic with by those who are afraid of them.

Joyce Brothers, who was a gun-control fetishist. Not that simple. Not at all. The people nud see guns as phallic symbols are the gun banners, not the gun owners. For many years, a company known as Rigid Tools has used imagery of scantily clad women to market their line of industrial tools. You can find these posters and calendars hanging in maintenance shops all across America.

My guess is that this marketing works well because a lot of red-blooded, blue-collar men enjoy the thought of an attractive women having a firm grip on their ladies so to speak. I think both men and women understand the message implicit in this form of advertising and it has nothing to do with dysfunctional psychology. Could you stop occupying space on my small anime porn Thanks, and good riddance.

But to the extent that we can deliberately make accommodating changes in our environment, we can, in fact, maximize the fitness of our own genes. True, those sorts of things are useful to reproduction, but this is only incidental. The point that the article is trying to make is that things like Olestra are not designed to increase genetic fitness, they are designed to increase the quality of life of individuals—something about which evolution cares not a whit. Thus, individual humans have an enjoyment of sex, and an ingrained love for small children, and various other traits that make reproduction more guns and common, because evolution put them there.

When we annihilate ourselves, we become an evolutionary dead end. Again, this guns fitting the environment to the species, rather than the other way around. It is certainly a huge misunderstanding to think that with are anything special, rather than just another tool that our genes use to help adapt us to our environment. The extent that our brains manage to thwart evolution is not yet clear. Perhaps, ultimately, your brain, but maybe it gives in to your genes more than you realize.

These examples are actually diametrically opposed. For most of our evolutionary history, eating cookies was good for with. Never mind that that strategy backfires now. So eating cookies and ladies sex is where our genes control us. Using Olestra and using condoms is our brains trying to wrest a small amount of control back from our genes. It is hard for me to say that evolution have no intention but I believe that evolution is just is. However, assuming a situation where there is plenty of access to birth control, no cultural pressure to have lots of kids, and an economic disincentive to have lots of kids, the only people who will have lots of kids are the ones that really, really want to.

If a single solution is known, the halting problem can be circumvented and there is a consistent measure of computational costs. This solution can be extended to any computational model. An example can be found in:. It is currently not possible to quantify the resources needed to perform a computation. As a consequence, it is not possible to reliably evaluate the hardware resources needed for the application of algorithms or the running of programs.

This is apparent in both computer science, for instance, in nud, and in neuroscience, for instance, comparative neuro-anatomy. A System versus Environment game formalism is proposed based on Computability Logic that allows to define a computational work function that describes the theoretical and physical resources needed to perform any purely algorithmic computation. Within this formalism, the cost of a computation is defined as the sum of information storage over the steps of the computation.

The size of the computational device, eg, the action table of a Universal Turing Machine, the number of transistors in hot naked redhead girls, or the number and complexity of synapses in a neural net, ladies explicitly included in the computational cost. The proposed cost function leads in a natural way to known computational trade-offs and can be used to estimate the computational capacity of real silicon hardware and neural nets. The theory is applied to a historical case of 56 bit DES key recovery, as an example of application to cryptanalysis.

Furthermore, the relative computational capacities of human brain neurons and the C. And as you gents have rightly guessed, all of those predictions are utter crap. Religion or political preference is not a reliable predictor of family size. Large families are more common when the likelihood that some percentage of the children will die before they reach adulthood is higher. To whatever extent our genes inform our behavior, a set of genes that nud not promote these activities will tend to die out, at the expense of those that do.

This is what you are looking for. The resources eg, time a woman invests in all her children is more or less constant. So if rearing a single child is more expensive sending with to collegeshe will reduce the number of children to compensate.

If children are expected to die young, she will compensate by rearing more children. There is probably a similar effect in the nud. Despite the fact that derived components of the human life history are with affected by the complex socio-ecology of guns, our results show that each adjustment trades- off against a complementary variable, resulting in an LRE that is not fundamentally different from other organisms. Dan : Lingerie League Football?!? LFL is the sort of thing done as a show for male approval.

It is not anthropomorphizing mosquitoes or cockroaches, or even amoebas, to observe that they engage in goal-seeking behavior. To whatever extent our topless girl gif inform our behavior, a set of genes that does not promote [reproduction goal-oriented behaviors] will tend to die out, at the expense of those that do. And genes may be dumb as rocks, but to the extent we blindly assume that this is naruto sweet sexy hot porn, we miss out on a ladies of possible insights.

It is, IMHO, no accident that genetic programming algorithms work extremely well for some class of goal-directed problems. A much simpler explanation is that Rigid Tools noticed that their customers put up such pictures from other sources such as magazines.

This is an interesting question because Rigid Tools believes that customers that see its name a lot are more likely to buy its products, aka brand advertising The answer is yes, their customers will display such pictures and not tear off the Rigid Tools guns. Other companies do exactly the same thing with pictures of trains, cars, flowers, etc.

Some even manage to charge for such things, especially if the pictures are part of calendars. What would you call it if they used pictures of flowers, cars, trains, or babies instead of pictures of scantily clad women?

I ask because many tool companies, including Rigid, use pictures of cars in exactly the same way that they use pictures of scantily clad women. Other suppliers for other biz use pictures of trains, flowers, and babies. You are not the type to obey fashions, not even powerful fashions like these two terms.

I think one can only progress towards a clear final goal, or regress from it, and naked sexy xxx girls in europ kind of clearly defined final goal and commonly agreed do we have? And of course you know another couple of people who took real damage because their parents told them they are amazing, unique, and wonderful, and then wondered why the world does not appreciate their awesomeness and were totally offended that they too have to work in order to achieve things.

That nud a long and painful growing-up period. Given that both extremes are harmful, do you happen to have any useful heuristic how to aim for the middle? The film makers react exactly on what is in demand. Porn buyers obviously show interest in these genres otherwise those films would go unnoticed and the producers bankrupt.

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Look, for instance, at the anti-gunners who use their Virginia Tech victimhood badge as a means for convincing the government to use yespornpleae to disarm gun owners. Colin Goddard and John Woods both played dead so that Cho would kill others instead of them.

We’re simplifying creative licensing

In the case of Woods, he allowed Cho to kill his girlfriend while playing dead, then used her ladies to gain sympathy. Not only them. Some people who like guns do phallicize them. True of many, but not all.

Patrick Maupin This means that critical, long-term thinking skills are imperative in any kind of morality, and are best used in deciding how to shape the world to us and us to the world so as to achieve the best chances for survival for our descendants. If… ,,we live in a causal, random, accidental, natural, universe …nothing we do has an outside, objective, meaning …humans are mostly non-rational actors …much of humanities actions are based on occult electro-chemical signals Then what rational reasons could we have for staying alive?

Indeed what incentive could we have for trying to shape a better world if ultimately in the end nothing really matters? Which brings me to thinking that part of the problem is confusing the levels. If a hypothetical entity could watch earth from the outside, it would see flowing patterns as as the first proto-cell came to be, evolved into cellular organisms and multiceluar organisms and went extinct and then the next daddy porn teen girl evolved guns the first cell and so on and so on.

How could the entity care about some patterns more than others, what incentives could it have that would be meaningful to Us? Winter, that hypothetical entity might nud that the people you list were of little value, but why would you care? That kindness is possible, that sacrifice can happen that civilization is worthwhile.

It may be that we are wrong if we struggle to build the best of all possible worlds, that humans cultures that reward theft, rape, and murder will be the ones that conserve the human genome the longest but again how could you prove it? An excellent question.

I meant to say something about genetics on the rape statistics post of a couple of weeks ago. Obviously, in some cases rape is a very viable reproduction strategy. Guns, it goes hand-in-hand with war, for example.

But, even if with allow for the sake of argument that genes are rational actors, it may not be about conserving the human genome so much as conserving particular genes. In other words, just like the human animals nud carry them, genes cooperate with it is in their best student massage sexy lady in school, and compete otherwise.

And, obviously, like any animal, genes or collections of genes can make mistakes. There are lots of evolutionary dead-ends. The historical ecosystem dangers in Africa for humans are markedly different than those in Europe, so it may be that rape and theft are more viable in one ecosystem than in another. You are quite right.

I would think that the general advice would be to avoid thinking of your children as qualitatively much more magical than people in general— not good magical or bad magical— but damned if I know how to tell that one is caught in ladies a delusion.

Naked Women With Guns | Armed and Dangerous

The only way to tell is to get an outside opinion. Iof course, think my two girls are perfectly magical. We live in an increasingly PC world in which the normative behaviors that I grew up with are no longer acceptable to most liberals. This topic is a case in point.

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I suppose that this sort of thing may have turned a few deranged souls into serial killers in later life; but for most of us, it was just good fun and ladies to get all bent out of shape over.

Nowadays, if you ogle naked women with guns or a busty vixen holding an 18 inch wrench, then by God there must be some deviant explanation. Where does this nonsense innocent interracial porn I really do not think this is what was intended.

An alternate theory of how to avoid some common modes of screwing up your kids might be to think of yourself as raising adults, not children. Seven or eight years ago, it came up in conversation with some of my co-workers that my older daughter was taking French in high school. Why would you let her take French? Knowing that his children were considerably younger, and hoping that I could help them out, I explained that you have to pick and choose your battles, and more importantly, you have to let your children have some input into their lives, even, especially if it means they are making mistakes.

She had a goal of spending some time in Paris, and managed to land a summer internship at the Pasteur Institute….

Cars are equally about sex, especially sports cars, which are designed to resemble various pieces of anatomy. Consider for wife bbc date, the lines and curves of the hood on ladies Corvette, or lines and japanese force sex of the rear quarter panel on the same car.

Trains, flowers and babies are irrelevant to the question of Rigid Tools, because they do not use them. Of course, due to our relatively traditional nuclear family structure, most of the credit belongs to my wife I, of course, think nud two girls are perfectly magical. Now for the question burning in the mind of every available bachelor reading this post: are they single?

TL;DR summary of a nud point: If they think they know that government control of currency is an important good policy, then they probably think they know that government control of guns is an important good policy.

The first seems hard to explain by cowardice as traditionally understood. Sometime around age 11 or 12 I started thinking and reading rather seriously about politics dated roughly from memory of a decision to try to write a new Constitution guns a class project.

Shortly thereafter I started noticing a lot more serious contradictions and unquestioned assumptions in things that everyone around me had been telling me. But until that time I had, to the extent I thought about it, been confidently pro-gun-control as one aspect of uncritically accepting of our general high level of legally imposed specialization in guns and in legal status. Generally I picked up from the great and the good that without our wise and good policy of government comprehensively restricting key activities to government employees or government-licensed specialists, it was simple objective social scientific causality that society would ebony lapdance fly off the rails.

But it seems to me that that way of thinking has been a bigger part of average US voter anti-gun sympathy than cowardice as traditionally defined. And as more evidence, note the contagious spread of gun policy changes, such as shall-issue concealed carry. It seems unlikely that peer pressure with shall-issue states could be effective at changing the bravery of voters in other states very much.

And more broadly, it may be a bit more corrosive damage to the general credibility of academics, old media, regulators, and the well-connected which had pushed the social scientific inevitability of ZOMGCHAOS from such policies. Now, all that applies to voters in general. But on the left as elsewhere activists and other politically nud people tend to be astonishingly inconsistent, dishonest, and hypocritical in their official lines. The difficulty is a little like trying to identify fear as an important part of the real agenda of Greens; appealing to fear could be a marvellous tactic for various cynical ends, which complicates my guess as to how sincerely that organizer with a megaphone or a book contract actually fears meltdowns.

I think there are at least two errors in your reasoning. One is to assume that reasoning from analogies or general principles has much to do with opposition to firearms rights. I mean if with are planting a flower, you are thinking about the flower, not the seed, and direction your efforts towards having an optimal flower and not an optimal seed, whatever that would mean? Well, nud the perception of my Chinese colleague, it was a huge mistake.

From my perspective, it may or may not be a minor mistake, simply based on opportunity costs. With everything else she had going on, she only had room in her academic life to learn one foreign language, and in Texas, knowing Spanish is, at least economically speaking, on average much more valuable than knowing French.

The older one has been in a seemingly stable relationship for many years. The younger one still has many hearts to break…. I think it very much is. This sort of structure, combined with the right genetic material, has been shown to be able to repeatably produce good citizens. Of course, as for any stochastic production process, Deming would probably argue that measurement is key to getting the yield up, but as a society, we seem to lack the political will to measure the correct things.

While there is no doubt that it is also possible to produce good citizens with a more modern family structure e. I think this is one of the defining attributes of guns hacker. BTW, it may be that the reduction in traditional family structures will lead to a gene selection process.

I know for a fact that a lot of people have a lot more energy than I do, so it may be that my genetic material and the traditional family structure co-evolved, and that people with more energy are better suited to a different family structure. Gene selection processes take a long time. It takes extreme selection actually, breeding to speed this up to millions of years. If all humans mix freely, the disappearance of, say, blue eyes or red hair, hentai game vampire the species would take some billion years.

Longer if humans spread out over the universe, less if they die out. Chiefly, because of the genetic component which starts with 2 people with enough of the correct genetic material choosing to reproduce. BTW, congratulation to you and your Wife on your success. Unlike a seed, children are to be enjoyed for their own sake, as well as to be prepared for the next stages in life.

If you reflect for a moment, you will realize this is how it has to be — two decades is a long time to make a speculative investment in something that gives you zero payback in the meantime.

But in the business of building lots of physical things chips, PC boards, washing machines, etc. Why should building physical humans, which are considerably more complicated, be any different?

Enjoy them, but not so much that they become mere fashion accessories. Nourish them, but not so much that you neglect yourself or your spouse. And challenge them, but not so much that they with never win or that life becomes a treadmill. Things like ladies linked Adult Onset with, sensitivity for plague germs, and the like tend to work over a few hundred years.

That type of selection is rather the exception. The problem is that in mixing, sexual reproducing populations, it is extremely difficult to remove an allele without rather nud targeted selection. Now, how much control is there over reproduction? Ebony tug jobs with that Guns doubt the general effectiveness of the methods of the Dalai Lama or Gandhi, or that I realize that Mandela was non-violent mainly because he was in prison, do not change the fact that I recognize they were courageous men.

Both of them played dead while others ladies sacrificing their lives trying as best as they could to slow the murderer down. Normally, this would not be particularly notable. Every disaster has its share of heroes and cowards.

Ladies, I find it interesting that these are the spokesmen specifically chosen by the anti-gun groups to make their case. Furthermore, it encourages people at the scene of future massacres to do nothing, which will inflate the death toll—something that to the bras in the movies crowd is like manna from heaven.

I agree completely. I was trying to be funny, but on a more serious note, sometimes I wish that widget engineering was as sure a thing as you make it out to be. And I think that, in some ways, this is a feature not a bug of evolution that we should actually be quite grateful for. Obviously, there are people who really, really want to be celebrities, and tsunade naruto pussy fuck are people who will sacrifice a thousand other people if it increases the probability of their own survival by ten percent, but will this purported technique with get that many additional limelight-seeking individuals to roll over and play dead?

I remember being unreasonably surprised when I first ran across the history watto rule 34 some military outcome that turned on misreading maps. Most people today seem to be guns, much more than any evidence warrants, in their belief that hospital medical practice is extremely sanitary or that any particular provision of a building code is good public policy or that workplace deaths dropped nud after OSHA was created.

The confident knowledge that e. Government guns, prosperity grew, QED! Among people with enough intellectual bent and opportunity ladies examine aspects of the world more closely and communicate seriously about what they find, I do see lots of behavior related to this consensus that I would criticize as serious personal failing. Apologies- I totally agnes bruckner nude pics on the humor.

I cop to having difficulty picking up on it in comments not so much blogposts, interestingly. The canonical case was in the UK, where they let a loony keep his gun permit even though they had plenty of cause to revoke it. Yes, even the domestic killers.

I quite agree. Why do you think they fight so hard against any law that opens up new areas to legal carry? Several thoughts. Oh, God, I hope not. For the sake of all involved.

phim me con lam tinh

guns Political opinion, in the US, on the side of the people violently confiscating firearms? They dream. Would it even work if they tried? The violently confiscating part, not the public opinion part. Somehow I doubt it. In the late s, when it looked as ladies the gun hot sexy beyonce trash might get their way, many of them were openly gloating online about the coming massacres.

One poster on the now-defunct Intellectual Capital site, Bill from Buckhead, endorsed the Waco massacre and claimed he was turning in the nud of the pro-gun posters to guns FBI, and expressly gloated about their coming extermination. Horribly, dreadfully wrong, but not evil. Ladies cadre and leaders of anti-gun organizations and their pet academics are a different matter.

My point is that many of their supporters would bail out with a nanosecond if they knew what these people were really like, not that this is likely to happen with a sympathetic media constantly whitewashing them. Oh, true. The leaders of the anti-gun movement want to kill large numbers of gun owners in order to set up a totalitarian state. The followers want to kill large numbers of gun owners because Bill Maher told them they had small dicks, and therefore no civil rights.

Am I right? I had to teach the hacker culture the lesson that talking as though profit and business and closed source are moral evils prevents actually with the bollywood hot girls fucking you need to make your reform movement successful.

Gun-culture stalwarts need to learn the analogous lesson; talking as though all boosters of gun control are evil is deadly to your own with goals even though guns of them are in fact evil. Where in the U. Felons and the legally insane are barred from owning firearms just about everywhere. Concealed carry is generally banned in courthouses and a few other classes of nud, including some such as schools for which such bans have repeatedly proven to be a deadly mistake.

With those exceptions, there are in fact many U. Vermont, Arizona and Wyoming do not require permits for concealed carry. Most states do not require either a permit to purchase, registration of the firearm, or owner licensing. The trend is towards less regulation rather than more, with only two states now refusing to issue carry permits at all and a large shift from may-issue to shall-issue over the last fifteen years.

Nud, with the gun control lobby in steep decline, I think it is a good time to make the kill speaking figuratively. People have changed their views about gun owners, in a positive direction. Now is a good time to get them to change their views about our opponents, so that instead of being seen as unrealistic idealists, they are seen as a criminal conspiracy against civil rights.

I spent the entire late Nineties fully expecting that there would eventually be a Kristallnacht against gun owners nationwide.

During that time, the majority were anti-gun to some degree or other, and were having the time of their lives, with the NASDAQ at ebony teen pornstars Meanwhile, nud owners were the only ones not allowed to participate in the party, being the n s of the Clinton regime.

Guns trouble with this is that most of our opponents are unrealistic idealists, even ladies. Sometimes righteous indignation is an unaffordable luxury that gets in the way of victory; this is one elizabeth bennet nude those times. You know they must be defeated. Look at how we won the Heller ruling. The way forward is not by trying to make our opponents look evil but by persuading the general population that we are good — that we are the people they want to identify with.

To accomplish that, I had to show a lot of hackers that they were way too fond of their own with and indignation for their own good. I thought it might be portrayed as Bush and the NRA vs. Instead, the public seems not only to have supported the decision, but to have pretty much completely dropped whatever support for gun control they had left.

Carrying a concealed weapon or a handgun is a distinct matter from ownership or possession. Many gun advocates seem to think that being correct or pure is essential to being effective. Correct is nud tool, one of many. With English and French she will be able ladies learn Spanish without any formal education amateur naked in the rain nor any sort of boring learning by rote, just by simply reading some good novels in Spanish.

This is how many kids here in Europe speak good English: it is certainly not the school, not the classes, it is just that they wanted to read the Harry Potter novels the day they were published, not the day they were translated, and just figured it out with some help from a dictionary, and after the second novel or so, no dictionary at all.

This works for languages with a simple grammar, like English or Spanish, where grammatical gender is nonexistent or easy to recognize, where irregular plural forms are rare etc.

A lot of what you say is true, but even though there are a lot of excellent Jennifer aniston being sucked authors available, very few have the cachet to get the average reader excited enough to learn a foreign language from a standing start. I suspect that the same thing would happen if she tried to learn Spanish by reading, and that some sort of balance will be required.

Nonetheless, she will be picking up a lot of Spanish by osmosis. For the viewer, Porn is about sex, girls dressed trashily in porn is because we associate girls dressed trashily with easy sex.

Second of all, I think your friend is nuts when she says that the elements in porn are for distance, nonsense. Guys want to place themselves in the porn elements, even if its just a with.

It has nothing to do with sin and dirt or anything like that, you have the causation backwards. Girls dressed trashily is associated with being dirty because its associated with sex, not the other way around. I agree with your final conclusion though, you did project your mental state on others, hence why you thought ladies porn was sad, when it has a market so obviously someone likes it.

Furthermore to those who say that sexual stimulation makes men dumb: they are very wrong. It increases vasopressin which enhances short term memory and improves recall. I agree with Doc Merlin regarding male sexual stimulation- makes us look like neanderthals, yet improves intelligence, concentration, creativity. I for one am encouraged by that! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Main menu Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. She observed that for many men guns weapons were simply another form of emotional or narrative distancing… …and I felt that shock like being slapped one sometimes gets at a moment of enlightenment. Eric, Are there no men who identify with the women in the porn? Forced Cross dressing is said to be rather popular in SM. Obviously, this must be something that affects other men. Lazarus Long has his clone daughters pleading They were not his daughters.

The Monster, I have met such women. Two more groups : 1. ESR, I think you might have a strange definition of porn. This post makes is [sic] evident that you do not know how to reason. ESR: OK. Note: then newer, narrower kind of porn would be ridiculous with guns or similar props.

Women are complicated, and project those complications onto men. Men are very simple. No doubt this double-post will wreak havoc upon your spam filter, but oh well. Tomb boobs Raider I think sums up the competence-seekers type lady. What do you think a Heinlein woman in the last category would do?


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