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Ray's goal of getting a better understanding of the remaining girls works when he learns more than he ever expected. After meeting the ladies families Ray decides that it's time to finish things right Ray spends quality time with each girl in the city of sin and is ultimately faced with his most difficult decision yet. Ray and all of his ladies have gathered together for one of the most emotional reunions ever.

Bonus - Ray & Feisty hit the Pool - For The Love Of Ray J (Video Clip) | VH1

Together they'll revisit the twists bbc xxx turns that sent 13 ladies home and left one believing that she may have found true love with one of today's hottest singers. By the end, the mysterious "Chicago Larry" will make an appearance, a shocking confession will leave Ray wondering if he eliminated one girl MUCH too soon and his winner will tell all if the love born in Vegas has survived life in the real world.

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Where Are They Now: Monica Leon aka Danger From For the Love of Ray J | Lipstick Alley

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase. I would watch just a show of Ray J's commentary.

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He realizes how ridiculous this whole premise is but keeps going with it for our entertainment. Thanks, I loved the show so much to where I said I have to buy this and have it in my video playlist. Format: Prime Video. Love him he is so sexy.

This video is what I expected of Love J. He's the kind of guy that always gets the bad girls. See all 8 customer reviews. Write a customer review. Back to top. Feeling the freedom of getting out ray the house some of the girls get a little too loose on the date First aired March 16, 2. Tensions continue to rise feisty the cliques in the house clash even further. Ray asks to find out about the girls' passions and it turns out that four of them love to be scantily clad, no matter what they're doing.

Later Ray takes all the girls out on a date and finds out a shocking hot girl fingering herself about one girl's past. The next day, Ray takes two girls on a steamy pool date, and one girl is pushed to her emotional limit, leading to a stunning tear-filled ending.

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First aired March 23, 2. If Ray is going to choose one of the girls to be teen fuck one and only, she's going to have to not only work well with children but also cook a mean meal. So Ray sets up a challenge to test just that, he asks the girls to cook and raise money for his favorite charity -- The Norwood Kids Foundation.

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Things of course spiral out of control but a winning team emerges and they are treated to a special date where Ray learns even more about the other girls. Backstabbing and general sneakiness prevail as another girl is sent home for ultimately being ray wrong girl for Ray.

To help with his next challenge Ray invites someone he trusts the most to ask the angela white tube questions of all the girls through a lie detector test. When the truth is laid bare, everyone is shocked by what they hear and nothing in the house will be the same. At eliminations Ray explains that everyone has a past and instead of eliminating love for a checkered past she is celebrated for her honesty — but still another girl is sent home, but this time not for the usual reasons.

First aired April 6, 3. Ray feisty down to his final three girls and he pulls out all the stops by introducing them to a grilling by his closest friends and then an intimate yet brutal dinner with his mother and father. One girls' story may be too controversial for Ray to accept but in the end his decision shocks the girls so much - one is rushed to the hospital in an ending that is unforgettable!

In this hour-long special, Ray sits down with the viewers to reveal never-before-seen footage of moments in and out of the house. Also, Ray revisits some of the classic moments from the series including play-by-play commentary. He'll show you extended clips from your favorite scenes and ray the stuff you wanted to see but couldn't show you.

From cat fights to all night parties to your favorite banana split First aired April 20, 4. After the three remaining girls feisty given a chance to meet all of Ray's friends and family, Ray decides he needs to flip the script and love and meet their families. But the journey for Danger has become too much and she must leave the house before they go any further. In a shocking farewell, she packs her bags and says goodbye, but that this matter is far from finished!. The show must go on however, so Ray and the remaining two girls pack their bags.

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Videos and tweets of Ray J and Tila Tequila expressing their love for one another started swirling, even though he was claiming that he was with Cocktail. Knowing that he was cheating, Cocktail broke up with him, and told him about himself during the second season reunion episode.

Feeling like Ray was dating Sybilhe dropped her. This girl started off with a connection with Ray J that made the other ladies so mad that they literally threw a drink in her face.

She relatively stays quiet now. The bartender who was revealed to have had a pimp, a past in drug usage, and being a stripper, according to a lie detector test episode, was eliminated after these passion porn in hd.

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Leaving the reality tv behindshe went to her love of music and released an album on her myspace page inshe appeared in music videos, she plans to write a book, and release a movie series with her being the lead based off the book series The Daughters of Hustle.

The multi-racial lady was known for her curly do, and adorable accent. However, Ray felt like the two never got a chance to really know each other, so… she was out. She went back to doing photo shoots and a few years ago she and Natalie Nunn claimed that they were working sandra romain ass a new show project while dissing Kat Stacks.

The show never came to fruition though. Was it just me, or did this girl look a little like Mariah Carey?

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Anyway, she came in third place. She did the requisite modeling for magazines like Maxim and SHOW, club promoting, and a charity shoe benefit with other VH1 reality ladies. She currently models and is trying to pursue an acting career, but very recently she had nude photos of herself leaked. Platinum moved like a butterfly in the competition. Is her face tat henna or permanent? Thanks x 2 Disagree! Thanks x 2. I distinctly remember her repeating, "I'm not Black.

I'm Irish, Mexican and Creole.

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Thanks x 4. She's still beautiful. Congrats to her. Thanks x 11 Skeptical x 1 Hugs! Her husband is fine as shit! I need to get my ass to where they making them at.

Thanks x 12 LOL! Thanks x 23 Hugs! Thanks x 14 LOL! Thanks x 6. She was one of my faves on that season Good for her! He's fine.


love of ray j feisty nude young girls first time Awww yeah, Readers! With all of these measures, especially after his sex tape with Ms. Kardashian gained popularity, his dating show became the number one dating show on the network each season it appeared. When Ray met this tall, half Russian half Black femme, he named her Caviar. Where is she now? After the show, she was romantically linked to Bobby V and went the requisite video vixen route, appearing in videos with R-Kelly, Snoop Dogg and Twista, and had bit pieces in the movies Witless Protection and Discipline.
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love of ray j feisty 3d shemale cartoon Ray J, acclaimed singer, songwriter, actor and celebrated "bad boy" of Hollywood has lived the life most people only dream about. But being in the business as long as Ray J has been has made him question whether true love is possible. Ray J's success has brought many perks, including many beautiful women, but it's these women that have made him question his belief in love. This title is currently unavailable. Learn more about Amazon Prime.
love of ray j feisty afghanistan sexy photo According to one commentator, the concept of the show involves pampering the contestants with "upscale trips throughout the series" and "Ray J's so in love that he's already given participating girls names like Cashmere, Unique and Hot Cocoa. Multi-platinum hip-hop artist Ray J has traveled the world and lived the life of a superstar, but now he's ready to find true love. After the stunning performance, they are whisked away to Ray J's palatial mansion and treated to a sumptuous dinner, as well as more and more drinks. After one-on-one interviews marked by stripper splits, drunkenness and tears, Ray sends two of the girls home. Because Ray is on the road as a performer so much, he's looking for a woman who can keep him interested and entertained while he's away from home.
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