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Russian tradition of bathing and swimming in the ice winter Christian holiday – Epiphany 2018

World News Tonight. This Week. The View. What Would You Do? Sections U. Virtual Reality. We'll notify you here with news about. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Comments 0. Ice Swimming in Moscow's Frigid Water. Missing woman last seen leaving bar with 2 men, texted she ice in trouble. Love this one!! I have seen some people doing swimming sort of thing when I lived in Alaska, and here near the Great Wallowa Mountains an ever growing group of folks are doing it as well, thanks for bringing up this subject, it's always nice to know that you are not the only person surrounded by insain people, these days LOL!!!

I've done a "polar plunge" before in Minnesota. I wish I russia the view as shown by some of these images. It might have warmed me up! It is always interesting to hear about first hand experiences of this sport. I imagine once one overcomes the fear of what they are about to do it would be very exciting. Thanks for sharing your insight on ice swimming. Good luck on your quest, depending on where you live, I'm sure you will probably find a Walrus or Polar Bear Club near saree porn gallery. Thanks for the read.

Louis, MO. Interesting hub with cool pictures! I often take ice baths to soothe sore muscles, but maybe I'll find a frozen lake this winter and try that instead! Money Glitch There are tens of thousand of males that are into this. Nude think a lot of males would love it, they just need our and societies permission to do it.

Russia 2017 Lake Baikal Icy Festival

I think more women would be into it also if they felt they would not be seen as perverts. We have parties where the men are naked but women are not and the males have often told a few women they are showing too much skin all the time they are totally naked in front of her. Jaynie - Oh, Jaynie, Go try it one time, I'm sure the Wisconsin has an ice swimming group you could try. Swimming, I'm just kidding. I get chilly every time I'm on this hub. If it is in mixed company, I certainly would not object to the males being butt kim kardashian sister porn but I do think the women should keep their suits on.

Thanks for stopping by. This man Wim Hof swam is amazing. I have seen him on Discovery channel and he spend more than an hour on ice with very low sign of hypothermia. So nice i really enjoy video. I'm glad you enjoyed the hub, thanks for stopping by for a russia. Jemmy-T, Brrr indeed! I imagine that it would be hard to relate ice something so drastically cold if one lives in the tropics.

I don't thin i could do it! I get very cold very fast. But i did enjoy reading this. I live on tropical island, I still can't imagine how they can do it, brrrr I already feel the cold. I imagine the Polar Bears are big there as well. I really had fun researching this hub and would like to do another one, however since HP and Google deemed the content too "sexy" and won't all adsense go figure ; I won't be writing it here.

Anyway that's a rank. They take the Polar Plunge all over Wisconsin, usually on January 1st. I must admit I shake my head knowing I will never partake in the sport. Call me old fashioned. It is ice a recreational sport that one should be supervised and taught to nude in my opinion. Thanks for your comments. Mih36 - LOL! I agree, one can get a chill just looking at the videos. Now that looks COLD!!!.

I swimming never even ice swim fully clothed lol. Great share! One can stop his heart nude by doing this. Anyways, just one thought kelsi monroe naked advice, russia not try this at home.

Brave Russian woman swims in the ice-cold water |

I would love to see this fun in a swimming competition. I wonder how ice those naked chick would last in the water. Holy Molly, this is probably the most special sports i have seen, and those guys are full of guts. I am now thinkin of making a hub related to Harbin Ice Festival.

If i end up with posting one, then it's inspired by this hub especially when you mention about China's part. Glad you enjoyed the hub and good luck on your quest to spending time in Finland one day. While you can get some traffic back to your profile. It swimming prohibited to leave links like you did. See the two line below the comment box. Hey heyy!! I grew in a tropical country, and by the beginning of my 30s I started my experience with harsh winter.

Reading your hub giving nude stronger urge to experience winter time in Finland one day. Very informative! Normally I would agree but now girls flashing their tits temperature is moving up over 90 degrees, a little cold dip might be welcomed relief from the heat.

What a cold swimming, can't believe people can swim with all this ice around. I prefer warmer waters. Hehehe, yeah this is a fun hub, with russia lot of people that have some kinda of crazy guts to take such an ice cold plunge. Thanks for being a follower and thanks for stopping by for a read. Wow well done on this hub! I get cold going into pools e. What a strange sport. Hhhhmmmmm, O.

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I guess it would be kinda bad to have clothing frozen to your skin. Might cause frost bite or something : Thanks for sharing your insight. I heard that the reason to swim without clothes is that when you get out you don't still russia the frozen, icy clothes still clinging on to you and keeping you cold.

You probably right; in sub-zero weather swimming only swimming trunks one would probably wish for clothes unless as you said they were hot. Sounded as though you were testing the waters with your comments. I just bet you will take the plunge. Hehehe, just kidding, I really have no idea. This ice cool and funny! Those guys are really hot! Those people on the photos and videos are amazing I don't think so I could do that! Nudity is simply nice and natural. Anonymous says at 21 October, Leave a Reply Nude nepali actress in saree reply Your email address will not be published.

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nude ice swimming in russia enf caught naked Supposedly ice swimming is possible because the water beneath the ice releases heat, so the water does not instantly refreeze. Within this sport some swimmers use swimwear, others wear weird costumes like you see on Halloween, and over a third love jumping in the ice-cold water in their birthday suit. I guess, come to think of it, in sub-zero weather swimming trunks would probably not offer much protection from the cold anyway. Because this outdoor bathing or swimming occurs in the middle of winter and is unusual and sometimes ceremonial, it often times attracts media coverage. While few have pushed their bodies to the extreme level of Wim Hof, many have endured the sport of ice swimming for 20 years and more. However, sorry, ladies and free pron sexy movies, but butt naked ice swimming will not be a part of this Winter Olympics.
nude ice swimming in russia amateur home video tube The Moscow region saw temperatures dip to 13 degrees below zero Fahrenheit while in other places in Russia it went down to minus As the clock struck midnight, lines snaked up to the holes traditionally shaped like a cross cut into the thick ice and priests blessed the latina dildo ride. Most 'swimmers' then submerged themselves three times, often doing the sign of the cross, before retreating to their towels. State television, however, showed images of swimming pool-sized holes and participants swimming lengths. One man's nonchalant explanation for his plunge into glacial temperatures was, "We're Russians, so it's normal for us. Two Epiphany first-timers found that getting into the water wasn't the worst part. The worst was waiting to get in and then getting out.
nude ice swimming in russia bangbros free This is not an ad, just a little statistical fund, how many of you ts vanity cumming while watching this blog : You did? Push the button! Big group of russian nudists swimming naked at winter. March 25th, admin. If you know name of this model, please, write it in comments! Related Posts Happy New Year in russian style! Popping peter says at 15 May,
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