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He doooooooooooooooooo!! Vanasy Hobbyist General Artist. Venus-Dragoness Student Digital Artist. Take me now, Pyramid Head. You're not the only one. Pyramid Head is damn attractive, pyramid look at his pack! KrauserGirl Hobbyist Filmographer. Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. ScoxyThepiratescout Hobbyist Artist. I wasn't going to think this was serious, but no. You gave us. What is more Original then that!? MamaMangle Professional General Artist. First of all she doesn't even exist its some polygon and textures, not the photo of a young actress in a silent nude movie.

In any case, the internet is full of people waiting for any excuse for a rage or head flaming session, so I decided as for pyramid head During these years he watched his wife grow weak, bitter and, in her own words, ugly.

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This naturally had a profound impact on their sexual lives. The frustration due to the lack of sexual activity between them manifested through the Bubble Head Nurses and almost all monsters in the game.

The scene in which Pyramid Head appears to "rape" Mannequinsand later, a Lying Figureallude to this. The character Maria can also be seen as an extreme manifestation of sexual desires.

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Maria is healthy, beautiful, cheerful and vibrant. She is everything that Mary was not near the end of her life. Maria represents the type of woman James wishes Mary was and he ends up trying to replace Mary with her in the "Maria" ending. Angela Orosco was also raped by her father and brother, a victim of her family's sexuality.

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Her trauma is manifested as the monster Abstract Daddy. While Silent Hill 3 contains no sexual frustration as such, the theme is still present, though it manifests mostly in the form of the god forming within Heather Mason's uterus. Heather being pregnant against her will is symbolic of rape.

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Heather is a teenager and may be struggling with her own sexual feelings, while the part of her that is Alessa Gillespie knows the dangers of men. The possible appearance of the Fukuro Lady and the Brookhaven Nurse can also be considered sexual, seeing both being abused at some points, the later being abused or caught and exploited by Valtiel on many occurrences.

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The form of sexual frustration is mostly represented by Walter Sullivan's possible infatuation with Cynthia Velasqueza woman that Henry Townshend meets in the Subway world. Beeg den 2020 years before the events of the game, Cynthia and Walter had a brief encounter on the subway.

Walter approached her nervously and head to talk to her, but she assumed he was a stalker and proceeded to humiliate him in front of her nude. The possibility of pyramid infatuated with her is supported by how she is killed with the "Temptation" theme.

Furthermore, Cynthia is shown as being promiscuous. Even at the age of thirteen, she was already going to night clubs. When she enters what she thinks is a dream, she promises Henry, the first man she meets, a "special favor" if he helps her, although what that favor might have been is unknown.


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pyramid head nude naked amateurs outside Sexuality and sexual frustration are a common occurrence and theme in Silent Hill. The theme appears in nearly every game in some form or another, being more prominent in Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill: Originswith Silent Hill: Homecoming having the same theme as well. It is mostly absent from the first game and Silent Hill: Downpour. The Flesh Lip's sexy naked dance could be interpreted as the lips of a mouth, or the lips of female genital organs. The theme of sexual frustration first appeared in Silent Hill 2in which James Sunderland's wife was hospitalized for three years due to a debilitating illness. During these years he watched his wife grow weak, bitter and, in her own words, ugly.
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