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'Critique My Dick Pic' Is A Body-Positive Approach To Sexting: BUST Interview (NSFW)

Yuuri, who had never known what snow felt like on your skin. About a minute after sending the text you like what you see, sweetheart? JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up.

Concerned About Your Dick Pic Skills? Here's a Website for You!

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'Critique My Dick Pic' Is A Body-Positive Approach To Sexting: BUST Interview (NSFW)

Log in Sign up. Where does that leave people with thin dicks? Veiny dicks? Dicks that veer to one side?

Is critiquemydickpic gone?? Ask amarilla-maravilla a question Lieblingsblog critiquemydickpic ask amarilla-maravilla. I certainly consider myself sex positive, but more than that, I consider myself a person who strives to remedy unfairness.

I refuse to shame senders for their bodies dick penis size. I take a deliberately inclusive and positive approach to my reviewing, and explicitly solicit submissions from underrepresented groups such people of colour and trans people. I have created a space where women's agency and desire matters. That, to me, is what sex positivity needs to be built upon. Can rate explain what a "log" is? A log is a bird's-eye-view shot of your dick, with your dick taking up the entire frame pic with little to no surrounding detail.

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It's a bottom-of-the-barrel dick pic, and the most common type. The starting point for most men when they take a dick pic is to try to exaggerate the size of their penises, and The Log is the unfortunate outcome of this obsession with size. I'm constantly trying to female masturbation pictures senders to compose more interesting and thoughtful shots and "logs" always receive poor grades.

Has the overall quality of dick pics you receive increased, in your opinion? I think men are starting to think more carefully about their pictures. I still receive a dispiriting number of logs, but I do receive repeat submissions from people who have seen the light and realized that their earlier efforts were sub-par, and overall I have noticed an increase in quality.

What do you hope your "senders" will take away from having their dicks critiqued?

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I hope they will put more consideration into the person at sinhala supiri sex receiving end of their picture. As the vast majority of dick pic senders are men, I want them to realise that they can be sexual, too; that women enjoy doing the gazing and not just being gazed at. I want them to broaden their ideas of what is erotic, and to help them move beyond the limited idea that the only kinds of dicks that women want to see are huge, aggressive and in-your-face.

What is your favorite submission you've ever received? This one still stands out in my mind:.


rate my dick pic anal fingering orgasm A lawyer by trade, Maddie has a flair for writing and art criticism that makes Critique My Dick Pic entertaining, arousing, and occasionally even heartwarming. Her critiques are gentle and constructive. She assigns letter grades for submissions, and encourages senders to keep upping their game:. Maddie was kind enough to grant me some insight into her mission, and I was blown away by her thoughtful responses to my questions! Read on to learn more about Critique My Dick Picwhat a "log" is, and how to take the best possible dick pic. Describe the moment when you decided, "I want strangers to send me their penises. It didn't pan out exactly like that!
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rate my dick pic flexy teens videos Totally anon, helpful, and thorough and honest… You can tell this person is actually in it for reals and not for jokes. I sincerely suggest you guys and gals! Critique my dick pick is like the fucking French Academy of softcore porn. All putting a singular arbitrary standard onto dick pics, and the harsh limiting subject matter. Someone should go all Manet and set up their own dick pic tumblr dedicated to the surely numerous styles of dick pic that are ignored by the pretentious salons of critique my dick pic. Another shout out to critiquemydickpic because normally I express my fandom with reblogging.
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