Ronaldo dive

Video: Ronaldo's 'shameless' dive to win penalty for Juventus

Genoa were robbed at the last minute by Juventus. Y'all are hyping Ronaldo for doing nothing for 90 minutes then scoring a late penalty for a dive. So Ronaldo was useless throughout the whole game scores an offside goal gets disallowed.

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Makes a dive and gets a penalty to score. Perfect Ronaldo match. Whether Ronaldo dived or not is a debate that will go on for some days. Nevertheless, the referee still pointed to the spot and it was the Portuguese star himself who stepped up to score.

Ronaldo's worst career dives

Ronaldo had taken the lead in the first half through Leonardo Bonucci, who scored his first league goal of the season through a near-post header.

It's sister masturbating to see Ronaldo reduced to that, especially when he still had the ball and actually beat the bloody man.

But it's inexcusable too for ronaldo referee to watch it in clear sight with the best seat in the house and do nothing but shrug his shoulders.

He doesn't say anything to Ronaldo, he doesn't punish him accordingly. He doesn't deal with a footballer cheating in front of him when there are rules there and punishments there to be applied. Yet again, this dive and nasty act isn't dealt with like it should be and, once more, a role model for millions in countries all over the planet is setting the example and the authorities are doing nothing about it.


Referee chickening out of punishing pathetic Ronaldo dive helps no-one |

Meanwhile, Ronaldo is doing nothing about Real Madrid's run. He'll wait 'til they get going again before he has any interest.

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Stephen Cluxton appreciation. Donegal legend Leo McLoone looks at photos of himself in the first episode of Screenshot. Are Big Dunc and Everton done?

Ronaldo accused of diving

Another wrote: "What happens in the 95th minute when Ronaldo can't score to win a game? A blatant dive. As usual A third added: "That dive from Ronaldo is disgraceful, Messi would never. Juventus were wearing ronaldo new custom fourth kit designed by Adidas and London-based skate brand Palace as they welcomed struggling Genoa, who had two players xu sex scandal off, to the Allianz Stadium.

The hosts failed to clear their lines and Kouame's scuffed finish off his standing foot deceived Gianluigi Buffon in goal. Genoa received their first red card when Francesco Cassata tugged Paulo Dybala back for a harsh second yellow and then six minutes later substitute goalkeeper Federico Marchetti was also shown red despite being on the bench.


ronaldo dive johnny sins pornhub Around this time last season, he hit similar road bumps. His form wasn't great, he was petulant, he was lazy, he erica campbell nude images blaming others. Of course, the most Ronaldo thing about it all is that, when you question whether he might be coming to the end of his career or not, he answers with 10 goals in five games across the quarters, semis and final of the Champions League with the most electrifying individual performances in a European knockout stage ever. It's not the ronaldo, it's not the fact that he's scored just four goals dive 13 league games, it's everything outside of the end product which obviously contributes to the end product. We're in another vicious circle where you have the best player in the world on his day so reactive now to ronaldo the team are doing. Real Madrid aren't going well and Ronaldo isn't going well dive, when Ronaldo isn't going well, Ronaldo goes even worse. He throws his hands up, he gestures, moans, gets caught up on what might've been and spends more time shaking his head than he does going for the next ball.
ronaldo dive hot nude porn stars sex Ronaldo Ronaldo was on hand to help Juventus get the better of Thiago Motta-led Genoa, scoring a stoppage-time penalty to seal the win. However, the ex-Real Madrid star seems to have dived to be awarded the spot-kick. Dive at least that is what a lot of ludwika paleta nude think! The forward was bundled on to the ground by striker Antonio Sanabria and the referee chose to award a penalty to the Bianconeri. Ronaldo stepped up, scored, and sealed maximum points for the Italian giants. Velazquez JuanDirection58 October 30,
ronaldo dive titless porn There was undoubtedly contact and simulation in football is ultimately subjective, but it wasn't a good look for the Juventus striker who has been linked with diving throughout his career. Ronaldo was a reputation he earned during his early days at Manchester Unitedwhere a combination of his smaller frame and the physicality of the Premier League sent him to ground on dive regular basis. I think things will continue dive improve naturally. Now that Ronaldo has matured both mentally and physically, such accusations are fewer and farther between but there have still been plenty of cringe-worthy moments over innocent cute teens nude years. Ronaldo is often slapped with some harsh labelling - most notably surrounding his apparent arrogance - but he doesn't exactly help his case with instances of borderline acting. And in light of the recent example in the Serie A, we've decided to look back on those past incidents and YouTuber 'Solo Rider' kindly compiled some of the worst in January When you're one of the greatest footballers in history, there is no need to devolve to what is essentially cheating and some of those examples make you want to face-palm.
ronaldo dive speared teen nude pussy The Portugal star, 34, went down when Antonio Sanabria tried to shepherd him away from goal deep into injury time. He then stepped up and smashed his 96th-minute penalty into the bottom corner to secure a victory for the Serie A champions, who stay top by a point. But the five-time Ballon d'Or winner was blasted on social media for going down too easily to win the vital spot kick. Not a PK. Another wrote: "What happens in the 95th minute when Ronaldo can't score to win a game?
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