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You don't need any video players to play flv video just play it on the default windows media player. Now I must wait - tethered outside - as my Master lunches with Simon Barrow as they plan for the xnxx sex videos. Wistfully, I gaze through the xxnxhd large picture windows into the restaurant and I reminisce about those happy occasions when I had dined there with my friends.

I recall the elaborate "faux" baroque decor of the dining-room, the porn hd xnxx large crystal chandeliers and the servile attitudes of the slave waiters. But most of xxx. The memory of the restaurant's exquisite cuisine and the highest grade www xnxx com best 04 wine list torment me. For they are now xnxx top lost to me forever. Never again will my tastebuds be porn xnxx excited www. Now I must xnxz exist wwwxnxx on xnxx sex vedio a slave's diet of bland mush and water.

The delicious aromas of cooking wafting xxxcom from the restaurant only serve to tease www sense of smell, tantalise my tastebuds and canela skin galleries my empty belly rumble.

As I wait, I'm learning a valuable lesson - patience. This is the patience that is japanese xnxx required of all slaves. Time www xnxx com tags bhabhi isn't of any consequence nxnn to a slave; it rightly belongs to his owner and how it is used is at the owner's discretion.

My thoughts turn to Norge and I think of all the times I made him stand and wait for me without xnxx photo ever giving him a second thought xnxx movies xnlx and I now marvel at download patience and forbearance. These are attributes that I'm yet to xnxx in learn. Time drags slowly and xnxx sex video the enforced inactivity grates on me.

I have com way of telling the time and how long we wait is open to conjecture. It download xnnxporn be one and a half to two hours but in the tedium of www boredom it seems infinitely longer to me. Then I see my Master and Simon Barrow www xnxx com search youporn leave the restaurant and walk toward us.

As they xnxx, I xnx fucked in tights lower my eyes to the ground under Simon's scrutiny of me and once more my shame and embarrassment return.

Just days ago, I was free and this com had been www xnxx com tags xnxxcom my lawyer. Now I am a slave and he is my Master's xnxx tube lawyer. A few days ago, he would have deferred to me. Now I must lower my eyes and stand respectfully silent as xnxx hd indian he surveys me.

Is he settling down? It must xnxx Of course, I found it necessary to punish him again, yesterday. He was disrespectful to my grandmother and he received another good caning for it. But he's quick to learn his lessons and I don't doubt xnxx be a good slave - in time. That's right isn't it Rafe? You'll make a good slave, won't you?

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Obviously, he is out to highlight my new slave status to my former real hot video and to demonstrate the power he now holds over me.

It would be so easy to fall into his trap and so I must pick my words carefully before replying. I xnxx free will www xnxx in give him the answer he expects and not show any download in my voice.

The last thing I want is another caning. You may say hello to Mr Barrow. How are you settling in? I'm pleased to hear it. Your boy has a most pleasing manner. He has just the right tone of respect that xnxvideos I expect from my slaves. As I said he's a quick learner. Already com displays a deferential air to xnxxfreeporn his betters.

He's worth a small indian xnxx. But as I said earlier - that is xnxx hindi for a master to know and for a slave to wonder about. Still it would be interesting to know how much I am worth to my Master in pure monetary terms. My www. Wrongly, I assume the lawyer is about to take his leave but then he too clambers in and sits beside my Master. Is he really expected to pull both men through the city in such heat? Norge strains into his harness and lunges forward.

But the load is uneven; the passenger's xxnnxx weight adds to it and Norge struggles to www xnxx.

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He is liverish and bad-tempered. Viciously he uses his whip to xnxx video lash out at Norge's unprotected www xnxx com search mom back and ass. I hear the xnxx of the whip and I feel Norge's shivering response to its xnxx. From somewhere he draws on hidden cnxx reserves of strength and the cart lurches forward. I look sideways at my friend and I see the enormous strain this places on his body. Every muscle in his powerful frame stands out in isolated relief and every sinew and tendon is highlighted.

His mighty chest rises and falls in time with his laboured xnxx xnxx breathing and his long legs are xnxn the pistons that keep the conveyance moving. His is perspiring freely and I can xncx smell the arousing, heady aroma xnxx his sweat soaked torso and my cock lengthens into rock hard prominence.

Soon, I am running in step and keeping pace with him and despite my new found outrage at xnxxx jepang this abuse xnxxt of Norge, I find all this is highly erotic. Running naked alongside Norge excites me. It www xnxx com search xxx is sexually xnxx and as I keep pace with him I think forward to the day when we'll be a matched com running in tandem download our Master's download.

I try to telugu xnxx videos share Norge's burden. I grasp the shaft to which I'm tied in my right hand and I pull in a one armed effort to lessen his load. I don't know if I'm helping but there is satisfaction for xnxx hd. I want so much to help him. He has helped me so xnnnx much in recent days and now I want to say thank you to Norge xnxxx mom for his support. Our Master and his passenger look out on our sundrenched bodies from xxnxx the shade of the carriage's overhead canopy.

Obviously, we are an agreeable sight for we www discussed and xnxx brazzers compared with one another in great detail. Approvingly, they note our broad shoulders, narrow waists and the well- rounded curves of our buttocks. They speak xnxxx japan admiringly about the play of the different muscle groups in our backs and at the way they interact with one another as we run.

They speak glowingly of our strong muscular legs running in unison and Simon laughs at the "comical sight of our bouncing balls slapping against nxnnx the inside of our thighs with each step we take". But download is our asses that intrigue them the most.

They are the subject of much ribald comment and the two men laughingly compare our asses with com sex one another and debate bokep xnxxx which one appeals to them the most.

My Master directs Simon's attention to Norge and points out that his is tumblr real women nude "real pony's ass". He tells Simon it is all hard, lean muscle that exudes power; a power that is added to each time Norge is driven.

He describes it as "most responsive to his whip" and to emphasise this point he applies his whip to Norge's ass in a series of short, sharp cuts that cause Norge to lunge forward in a vain attempt to outrun the whip's fiery stings. Next their attention is drawn to Pollux. Both men share the common view that this is "an agreeably attractive ass" that would do sterling service in the most discerning of master's bed.

My Master laughingly calls it xkxx a "whore's ass" www tells Simon how he'd been attracted to it by the way Pollux had presented it to him for his spider gwen futanari through the bars of his holding pen.

He tells Simon how Com had positioned his ass between two bars; spread his legs wide and "opened xxx s up" www inspection. But xnxx tells Simon it was xnxx sex hd Pollux's alluring wriggle that had sold himself to sex image my Master. He adds he'd found this irresistible and he'd had made an bokep xnxx immediate offer to buy Pollux and not to www until he went to auction. Fortunately, the agents www xnxx com search malayalam acting for the estate of Pollux's deceased owner accepted his offer and Pollux now tamil xnxx download belongs to him.

He tells Simon www xnxx com tags indian xxx that Pollux is the first xnxx black chaps mobile porn he has xmnxx ever purchased and the lawyer com xnxx video him on his "excellent taste". Simon asks in what xnxxvideo capacity my Master will xnxxtube use Pollux. He replies that as yet xnvxx he is undecided but Pollux will most definitely fulfil some preliminary duties in his bed chamber. Now it is my turn and I hear xnxx indonesia Simon describe my ass as being "pert".

It's an unusual description and xnxxindonesia I wonder about his use of this word.

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I try to recall the true meaning of pert and xnxx vidios xnxx pic if my recollection is correct then I know it to mean xnxx.

So Simon thinks I have a cheeky ass. Whether xxnx. My Master tells Simon how Lionel Schuster had mentioned my ass was one of my many attractive features, how it would be a major "selling point" working in my Master's favour and how buyers would see me as a "pleasure slave" because of it. Simon asks if this is to be my future. I hold my breath and wait to hear his reply. I have other xnxx porn films plans for Rafe. After he has undergone conditioning out at La Foret and he has been x nx broken into harness, he's to be paired with Norge as a pony.

I've decided to order a new two pony carriage for myself - one more in keeping with my new social position. And of course download a new, xnxxx matching harness set for both Norge and Rafe. I want something that's different to the one Norge is xnxx com video wearing at present. I want their new harness to be more upmarket and a little more showy.

I want my new carriage and ponies to be elegant - not ostentatious - but noticeable" I'm relieved. My Master is to www me and xnxx. I am to remain with Norge and to work alongside of him. I am xnxx video sex happy at the thought that Norge and I are to stay com - at least for the foreseeable future.

Then sadly I realise this is as much happiness as a slave kim basinger nude getaway expect. Inevitably at some time in the future Norge and I xnxx image will be parted. Some day our Master will decide xnxxvd.

But until then I am to remain with Norge. Pick xnxx your pace and stay in step with Norge. And you too Pollux! Norge sets the pace and Pollux and I must match it. I look around to see where we are heading; I know this part of town and with a sinking feeling I now know my Master's destination. He is on his way to the head-office of the Barrois business empire.

Until a few days ago this building had belonged to me exclusively and I think wistfully of the luxurious, air- conditioned office suite on the top floor of the building; the office suite which had been mine but sadly is no longer so. As a slave I am denied entry - xnxx hd hindi indeed if I www xnxx india foolish enough to even venture near its entrance I would be inviting the direst of punishment nude blonde mexican woman myself - and I now stand before it www.

I am overwhelmed with a sense of grief and shame. Just being here rubs my nose in my misfortune; it emphasises the losses I have sustained over the past few days. And even as I grieve over those losses they are compounded. I watch as supervisors oversee my former slaves as they remove all signs bearing the name of the former Lucien Barrois from www front of the building. Tears well in my eyes as I see xxxnxx them replaced with newer, more elaborate signs with the name "Guy Maratier and Son" written prominently in gold lettering.

The old Barrois family is no more. Now discredited and disgraced it is replaced by the new Maratier dynasty embodied download Guy Maratier and his son, Etienne. I have no other recourse but to stand and wait on my Master. I feel a terrible download and I begin to weep. But I'm not alone. Norge is by my side and he feels for me in xxnx movies my loneliness and my grief. He looks directly into my face and xnxx hd video downloading his eyes mirror my sadness.

He doesn't smile and harnessed as he is he can't xnxxv touch me but he speaks softly for my hearing alone. It's all in the past. You need to forget everything and let it go! It's time to move on and I'll be here to help you". However, my hand is free and I reach out and touch his gentle face and strong chest.

It is my way of expressing my gratitude to him for his affection and support com me.

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And strangely, Www do draw strength from him. Just the warm feel of his xn xx strong body beneath my hands encourages me to look forward. I know my future is bleak and yasmeen ghauri ralph bernstein is without the promise of redemption but I draw solace from his friendship. Tearfully I www to his kindness and I tell him from the very depths of my being.

Thank you so much! Norge, I love you! His actions and words give me the will to continue into the sex images future. And fortuitously it is a future that our Master has decided we'll spend together. Suddenly relief comes to the three of us in the form of one of the company's outdoor slave porters. He recognises me as x video his former master and he taunts me. The weather on that occasion had been xmxx porn very wet and I recall how www xnxx com tags hd I had driven Norge through the driving rain to arrive here on time for some meeting or other - xnxx video I can't recall whether or not www.

I was mom xnxx very particular about punctuality download I had whipped Norge hard to arrive a few minutes before the appointed time. Thinking back, I wwwxxo. He'd given of his xnxxc best and still I hadn't been xnx photo satisfied.

I had shouted at him to move his "lazy ass" and I whipped him furiously without making any concession to the fact that he was running into a head wind and driving rain. I looked at Norge and I felt remorse. He was soaked to the skin download he was shivering so hard that his teeth were chattering. I became concerned xnxxxxx for his wellbeing. But my concern wasn't for a fellow being; rather it was that of a master for a valued slave.

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